Tracking Your Thoughts

By Nicole Cobar

This blog was created as a school project. For my English class, every student had to create a blog and post on it weekly. My teacher advised us to make our blogs about something we are interested in or something we like to do, such as a hobby we have. For me, picking the topic of my blog was very difficult, because I do not have any hobbies, at least not any long term hobbies. Deep down, I do not know what I like to do. As for my interests, I have too many, in such a variety, to commit to writing about just one. So, I decided I needed to create a variety style blog, where I can write about any topic I please. To me, the best, and simplest, way to do this would be to write about what I am thinking. This way, I can write about lots of different topics, since I think about different things and I always have something to write about, since I have many thoughts and an endless amount of opinions.

For me, writing these blog posts every week was an opportunity for a weekly self-reflection. Since this blog is about my thoughts, every time I had to sit down and decide what to write about was a chance for me to check in with myself and what I was thinking. Looking back at all my posts, I can remember what was going on in my life at the time I wrote it and why I wrote each one. Also looking back at the variety of topics I have covered in this blog, it has made me question the concept of a train of thought. If anything, this blog has proven how scatterbrained I can sometimes be.

I have always heard that journaling is healthy. I, up until now, have always thought that was something that everyone believes but has no concrete evidence to support it. Like the idea that milk is good for you, or that La La Land deserved as many Oscars as it received (it didn’t). After tracking my thoughts for one school year, I am now less skeptical about the benefits of journaling. I do not think I tracked my thoughts frequently enough to see the full benefits, but now journaling makes sense. I have this blog to point to and remember what I was thinking a particular week. I think this provides a little bit of insight as to who I am and how I think and feel. Overall, this blog has been very beneficial to me. I have gotten to practice my writing and I have had a weekly self-reflection. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy a My Password Journal and see what more benefits I can receive from just writing down my thoughts.