Welcome to “Deep Thoughts of a Teenage Girl”

By Nicole Cobar

A teacher once told me, “15-year-olds might not have much, but they have their opinions.” As a fifteen-year-old, I would say this is very accurate. Plus, like every other teenager, I believe my thoughts are different. Not because I am unique, but because of the world I live in.

I am a part of Generation Z, we are sometimes referred to as Centennials, or iGeneration, as a homage to the technological world we were born and raised in. Not to sound cliché, but Centennials have an extremely different experience in this world than other generations. We grew up in a post 9/11 world. We have always had access to television, computers, and internet. We have created a new and growing ‘internet culture’. Since the internet revolutionized the world, and Gen Z was born after the creation of the internet, we are growing up in a very different world than our parents did. This makes growing up a little difficult, as we have all the same obstacles our parents did, and an assortment of other issues that our parents never dealt with, such as cyberbullying. I think this new experience of the world causes teenagers to view life a little differently.
I’d like to introduce myself, the teenage girl who claims to have deep thoughts. I am Nicole, a 15-year-old girl from Southern California. I thoroughly enjoy school, which is good, because I’ll be in school for a while if I keep up with my plan of going to college and law school. I have very strong values and beliefs. Some may call it “stubbornness”, but I like to call myself, “strong-willed”. My interests range from pop culture to politics, and everything in between. This variety has caused me to spend many hours of the day researching, learning, and developing many opinions.

This blog is a platform for me to share these opinions and to comment on teenage life in the 21st century. I believe teenagers are a fresh set of eyes, viewing this world in a completely different light. I hope to start conversations and offer new insight by sharing my opinion, no matter how shallow or deep.